Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Jejak Juara!

Become a Sponsor and Reach the Future of Badminton Champions

The Jejak Juara Project, a prestigious initiative by the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association (KLBA), is on the hunt for 16 visionary brands to join as sponsors. Align your brand with 292 Kuala Lumpur schools brimming with budding badminton talent and gain access to a unique marketing opportunity.

Why Partner with Jejak Juara?

Target Passionate Young Audiences

Reach and engage with thousands of passionate students across 292 schools, fostering brand loyalty from a young age

Associate with Future Champions

Be part of nurturing the next generation of badminton stars, gaining national and even international recognition through their success

High Visibility

Gain prominent brand exposure through strategically placed LED digital panels within participating schools, ensuring consistent visibility

Positive Brand Image

Align your brand with the values of sportsmanship, dedication, and excellence,strengthening your brand image and reputation

Community Engagement

Build goodwill and community spirit by supporting a program that invests in the future of young athletes

Limited Sponsorship Opportunities

With only 16 slots available, secure your position as a Jejak Juara sponsor and enjoy

Tailored Sponsorship Packages

Choose a package that aligns with your brand goals and budget, maximizing your return on investment

Creative Activation

Collaborate with Jejak Juara to develop engaging activations that resonate with your target audience

Media Coverage

Leverage press releases, social media engagement, and potential event participation for wider brand awareness

KLBA/MOE Approval

All sponsorships are subject to KLBA & MOE's approval, ensuring brand alignment and a positive project image

Don't miss this golden opportunity to

• Become a champion for future badminton stars.

• Reach a passionate and engaged young audience.

• Elevate your brand image and visibility.

Contact us today to discuss how your brand can become a Jejak Juara sponsor!

Together, let's champion the future of badminton and empower young talents to reach their full potential!

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